It’s a dangerous world !

, by  Valentin Murariu

It is dangerous out there, didn’t you know ? Asteroids all over the place. And, again, some news about how Jupiter helps us (or not):

An interesting point about the orbits is how so many of them are tucked inside the orbit of Jupiter, with only a few shooting beyond to the outer Solar System. That makes Jupiter a bit of a two-faced friend. On the one hand, having a giant planet in the neighborhood is great because in the early days of the Solar System it swept up all the cosmic debris that could have made life on Earth very unpleasant and very short. Unfortunately, its gravitational pull also has a habit of knocking asteroids out of the asteroid belt or hooking comets into the inner Solar System like a carnival visitor shying balls at milk bottles.


Basically, what if all the water is coming from the comets ? Starting with the BBC article at and finishing with BBC again:, which states:

These water-rich objects may have provided much of the water in the Earth’s oceans.

- why not wondering if all the petrol on Earth also came from heavenly bodies instead from underground rotten vegetation ?

View online : Orbits of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids